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Insights on Living Logically

Christians live illogically.

Sometimes, in the eyes of the world, we suffer unfair and unjust circumstances. Some brand us as martyrs, doormats, cowards, even morons. But can Satan or the world steal our joy?


For our joy is in the Lord! :)

For Christians, to live illogically is the only way to live. For the ways of the world are not ours. Its concepts are self-seeking. And its rewards, temporal.

Stay J-guided, beloveds. :) A battle-heavy aft to you.

DISCONTENT by Raquel Alexandra C. Magtibay

We spend our lives searching for an appropriate distraction. Trying to tape over our deepest problem: DISCONTENT.

Because however much we are shamed by our mistakes, we always blame ourselves for only one thing: BEING WHO WE ARE.

Which is why we blatantly disbelieve all of that rotten self-help talk we keep hearing. Because we firmly and stubbornly believe that WE ARE NOT ENOUGH.

So we effortlessly find


shameless lies told by a heart held back by disappointment
at unreasonable standards.

And because of these things, we are limited,
mostly not because of our inability, but because of our fear.

Our fear of finding that

we are not enough,
we are shameful,
we are incompetent.

As a result,

we fear to fail,
because we want to pretend
that there is absolutely nothing we can do.

This method is

and will absolve us from the responsibility of our own inaction.

But in effect, as we bury ourselves in self-contempt,
we never
reach the heights
that we were predestined to reach.

I once had a friend show me
an excerpt from a devotional.

It said,

"God will give you responsibility
in proportion to
the size of your character."

Meaning, there is no challenge
that you will face in life
that you will not be able to handle.

God has
entrusted YOU
with these responsibilities,
because He knows
you CAN handle them.

These excuses,
and lies,

become meaningless.

And He liberates you
to reach those heights
He meant for you
to reach.

So fear not,
and be not discontented.
For God says...

...you are WONDERFUL

The Lord's Resplendent Appeal

This account was not meant to desecrate non-Christian beliefs and practices; it is only the progression of a little girl's relationship with her God. The writer does not desire conflict, and as such, if one is easily tempted into violent reactions, the writer suggests not to continue.

This is a testament to what I had heard from the Lord, in the mundane setting of a quiet, uncomfortable bedroom.

There are no lights.

I don't quite know where to start. There have been too many events leading to this night, to this magnificent revelation. Maybe I should give a background to my story.

It began officially when I found my first wonderful examples of ideas contradicting my faith. These I found within the concrete walls of my new school, Colegio de San Benilde. There were different variations of buddhism, neo-paganism, agnosticism, and atheism, plus all of the different examples of confusing, mixed, and liberalistic views of idealistic and global-minded young adults.

Being knowledgeable about Christianity, I thought I had equipped myself adequately for college life. I was severely misguided.

I found that in college, whichever college it may be, is subject to these global views and liberalistic ideas due to the changing world — most of which I have found leads to moral decay.

I have several personal accounts of these ideas as well as events containing these liberalistic principles — of which I will not mention here. But all of these swayed my once-strong convictions and my confidence in God. I was losing the battle.

Until the Spirit told me to search, to seek wisdom.

And so I did as one of my most liberal acquaintances did; I researched on the religions that swayed my arrogant convictions. I read through their moral codes, their traditions, their rituals...

...but I found nothing that would help me.

And so, I lay down in bed tired, defeated, and disappointed.

But it was then that the Lord spoke, and one of his angels appeared in my mind as my American penpal. He welcomed my anguish, and He listened to my confused cries; even while they weren't addressed to Him.

Eventually, my thoughts and my words turned to God. My prayer consisted of nothing but "WHY?"

And then, in one quick whisper, one quick recall of all the things that I had learned about my faith and about God, it was revealed to me. The experience was indescribable in nature, hurtful and wonderful at the same instant; the revelation that I had awaited for FIVE. LONG. YEARS.

In that dark and lonely, electrically deprived room, God shouted out His most wonderous and glorious message, that I never before heard in that manner even from the earliest years of my faith —


No moral code, religious ritual, self-dependent discovery, or self-gratifying liberal and global ideas will replace the things the One True God had written for in love for me in the Bible.

I, (God)
LOVE, (care for, honor, respect, want the best for)
YOU, (my sons and daughters, my greatest miracles)


Spreading the J-strain...

 ...is tricky, J-buds.

We can't always attack. (In fact, I disapprove of this tactic unless called for under last resort or prodding of the J-man)

The J-strain is caught, not forced upon--that's the difference.

Remember that all we can do is spread the virus. We are mere messengers. We cannot change them. We cannot make them catch the J-strain. We can only hope that they do.

And mind you, the J-strain isn't something that will kill you, friends. It will give you a life you never thought possible. ;)

I have caught the virus, and thank God, there is no cure!


Addressed to College Students, but applicable to all


It's nearing four o'clock in the morning, and I am still awake.

Disillusionment and deception runs rampant in our world. I have observed that through an account from a certain acquaintance.

It came quicker than a wink, and more devastating than a napalm. A majestic slap in the face, descending with a deep, horrific realization. And there will be more to come.

Reality is such that the Philippines is steadily degrading. It is among the youth that I see the demons. And most (if not all) are very much ignorant of their silver talons.

I have a very concrete, very personal account of what reality is. Liberal thinking, apathy, and fornication are very, very real. And very, very formidable. As well as very, very widespread — even glorified — among the youth. We are faced with a spiritual battle, ladies and gentlemen. We are attacked from all sides, by all kinds of fiends — from little imps, to gigantic monstrosities.

Hatred, Lust, Murder, Pride, Deceit... Sorcery.

All of these, are demons. Things causing human beings to sin. It is never far away. It is often closer than we dare to know.

Our friends, relatives, immediate family... ourselves. We are all vulnerable and weak. Easily clung to by those silver talons, easily swayed.

My friends, the youth in college... come our time to be set upon the world... spread the J-strain. Love the sinner. Hate the sin. Shoo those demons away. Purge them, if you have to. Let no harm come upon your loved ones, and your fellow human beings. Strengthen your angels. Save them. Save the world as Jesus did.

Little Christs, brave warriors, esteemed saints of God...



Perspective dictates the direction of your day.

Let's not let our negative thoughts pollute our minds. Throw away the toxic. Resist the urge to complain. Break free of pessimism!

Remember--J-filled days are wonderful.
Wonderful is perspective.